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We will proudly Dry Clean your American Flag FREE of charge. We will proudly Dry Clean your Flag FREE of charge.

When you think “Dry Cleaners“, two questions come to mind.

1. Who is the best Dry Cleaners in Tucson.

That is an easy one to answer.

Tom Roof Clean Earth Dry Cleaners in Tucson.

  1. We are not a one hour cleaner. Proper cleaning takes time.
  2. Tucson’s first eco-friendly dry cleaner.
  3. Ongoing cleaning specials

We are best known for our attention to detail:

  • Wash, Dry & Fold Laundry
  • Removing difficult spots
  • Cleaning & preservation of wedding dresses
  • Cleaning leathers & suede
  • Cleaning & folding drapes
  • Cleaning expensive garments
  • Repairs & alterations
  • Hand-finished shirt pressing
One of our specialties - weddding gowns

Have your elegant formal and wedding gowns professionally cleaned at Tom Roof Clean Earth Dry Cleaners before you properly store them for later use.

Click Hear to view a 60 second promotional video.

Tom Roof Cleaners - The “Earth Friendly” Dry Cleaners In Tucson

The best Dry cleaners pay close attention to individual spots.

The difficulty in dry cleaning is not the cleaning, but rather SPOT REMOVAL. The margin between ruining a garment and removing the spot takes years of chemistry know-how, and that is what Scott Lukso is known for throughout Tucson.

Even his competition sends the tough ones to him.

Green earth dry cleaners are eco-friendly and efficient garment cleaners.

  Say goodbye to hazardous dry cleaning  chemicals.  Say hello to GreenEarth® and cleaner air, water and soil.

  • No Petro Chemicals
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • All bags are made from recycled materials
Established in 1984, switched to GreenEarth® may 2005.

link to green earth dry cleaning coupons.

Oh! The second question (according to Google)…“dry cleaners near me“.

The answer to that one is easy, Tom Roof GreenEarth® Dry Cleaners in Tucson.. The best dry cleaners is never too far away.

We often hear our customers say:
We bring all our good clothes to you!

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