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Tom Roof - Dry Cleaning Tucson Since 1984

Who was Tom Roof?

In the 70's and 80's, Tom Roof had the best reputation for dry cleaning in Tucson. The Lukso family purchased Tom Roof Cleaning in 1984, and retained the name. Scott Lukso was only 15 years old then. He now runs the facilities as General Manager. One of our counter persons goes back to the Tom Roof period.

How has the dry cleaning business changed?

We have set the dry cleaning standard in Tucson for the latest in green technology. Scott's father, Richard is an aviation technology engineer who is still working in cutting edge aviation technology today. He brings his engineering expertise to the family business.

What's with the antique iron?

This 19th century “charcoal-iron” was rescued from a small scrap metal pile on the Lukso family farm near Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was apparently brought over from Czechoslovakia by one of the Lukso ancestors, probably Scott Lukso's great-grandmother. It serves as a symbol for the business to keep updating the technology, but remember the old fashioned values that built the business and keeps loyal customers. The wood handle was made by Scott Lukso's grandfather.

A little dry cleaning trivia

Dry Cleaning removes grease and oils, but is not very efficient in removing food, wine, sauces, grass stains and other “wet side” stains----------which are approximately 65-70 percent of the reason for customers taking their garments to a Dry Cleaner.  So, the truth is out-----anybody can dry clean (the smart machines do it all).  BUT IT TAKES A VERY EXPERIENCED “SPOTTER” to identify and remove a spot without ruining the garment. That is where “TOM ROOF CLEANERS” EXCELS!

dry cleaning trivia

Be smart!

Dry clean your woolens before you stow them away!

Be aware that clothing manufacturers are not held to any quality standards!  They are infamous for releasing clothes that abnormally shrink, that have inferior dyes, thus easily bleed, buttons that easily break, sequins that often lose color --------and this is even with the most non-aggressive cleaning fluid ().

The most expensive clothes are not necessarily the best quality.  We find that the large department stores (who cannot afford to sell a bad product) do a better job of pre-testing quality than the Boutiques that often are selling “new and novel” clothing styles.

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